After Inktober 2020 ended, I was looking to fill a void and could not find any drawing challenges that interested me, so I created INK365Draw on Instagram.

INK365Draw is a daily drawing challenge using random words from a 1982, $3.82 paperback dictionary as prompts.  Using the prompts, reference photos from Google searches, and/or my own ideas, I interpret the word first in pencil, then ink it and post to my Instagram and Facebook as well as on INK365Draw’s Instagram page using @ink365draw, #ink365draw and many other hashtags.

If you, or someone you know needs something to do to escape, have fun, share their drawings with people from around the world, connect with other artists and gain followers, have them pick up a pencil and a pen and participate in my daily drawing challenge on Instagram @ink365draw.


INK365draw november 2020

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ink365draw december 2020

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