Community Service


I have supported and promoted Iowa based Creatives through social media, small group meetups and community events since January 2014.  That month, I held my first River City Art and Music, “Meet and Greet” at the Des Moines Art Center and launched it’s Facebook Community page, and website, as a way to reconnect with my art and other creatives. Meetups included attending a variety of art and music events and fostered friendships, networking, brainstorming, discovery and support between new and existing residents, advocates, benefactors and creative community members.

While attending an event in August, 2016, the formation of an “artist salon” was mentioned.  The private non profit venue was interested and it was on their calendar; however, an unfortunate series of events transpired and the salon was cancelled.  That November, I began development of Riverview Artist Salon (RAS) based on a modern day salon in Baltimore, Maryland and famous historical salons of Paris and New York.  From interactions with creatives over the previous two years, this concept was needed, so I joined my experience and love of hospitality with my soul’s reason and passion for being and held the first salon on Thursday, January 26th, 2017.

RAS events are driven by Members of a Closed Facebook Group of the same name.  The group is grassroots, volunteer funded, and has over 300 full time, part time, emerging and returning Iowa creatives from all disciplines as well as businesses, organizations, educators and advocates of Iowa art and culture.

Through regularly scheduled public and private events held in Des Moines, Iowa.  Members are provided with a free platform to share their words, sounds, passions and works through presentations, displays, performances and shows.


To elevate the status of creatives living in our city and state and provide a center for networking, public engagement, new ideas, personal development, and artistic growth.